Admin Account: This allows the individual to have access to revenue reports, editing/deleting video content, uploading, as well as embedding video content.

Editor Account: This allows the individual to have the ability to upload/embed video content without having access to revenue reports, as well as not having the ability to edit/delete video content.


Click Upload on the top right corner and fill out the fields and select the video file. You can then choose directly from the upload page to place the video in its corresponding channel.


For those who are signed up for Rumble PRO Packages, there is also the option to upload via API and below is the documentation:


We have Google Search implemented as well as our own search. Additionally, you can search for Channels as well if you know the channel’s name. Lastly, once in a channel, you can type in specific keywords to find relevant videos within a particular channel.


You can also browse categories of content we have, and similar to YouTube we show the creator of each video and you can click on that to view the rest of that particular creator’s videos and subscribe to them.


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