Rumble Upload API

  • Endpoint:
  • Accepts multipart/form-data content with the following fields:
    • access_token: required string, 40 characters
    • title: required string
    • description: required string
    • license_type: required integer, 0 for "not for sale", 6 for "Rumble only"
    • channel_id: optional integer
    • guid: optional string, this should be your own internal ID for the video for mapping
    • thumb: optional thumbnail file
    • video: video file
    • cc_<language-code>: close captions file, e.g. cc_en, cc_es, cc_fr etc. You can upload multiple files for different languages at once. We support the following formats: vtt, srt, sbv, stl, sub.
  • Response HTTP codes:
    • 403: access denied (invalid access_token or user is banned)
    • otherwise 200
  • Response body is JSON
    • On success:
          "success": true,
          "video_id": <string>,
          "video_id_int": <int>,
          "url_monetized": <string>,
          "embed_url_monetized": <string>,
          "embed_html_monetized": <string>,
          "embed_js_monetized": <string>
    • On failure:
          "success": false,
          "errors": [
              "<field_name>": {
                  "code": <string>,
                  "message": <string>,
                  "internal_code": <arbitrary type>
      • errors — array, will not exist if there were no errors.
      • errors.<field_name> — here <field_name> maps to the incoming field names (i.e. title, description, etc.), or _ for some error that is not directly related to any field.
      • errors.field_name.code — string.
      • errors.field_name.message — optional string, detailed description of the error.
      • errors.field_name.internal_code — optional value of arbitrary type that can help us (Rumble) to investigate a problem when errors.field_name.code is "SOMETHING_WENT_WRONG".
  • CURL example:
    curl -F "access_token=0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567" \ 
         -F "title=A cool video" \ 
         -F "description=Some detailed description" \ 
         -F "license_type=0" \ 
         -F "channel_id=123" \ 
         -F "video=@video.mp4" \ 
         -F "thumb=@thumbnail.jpg" \
         -F "" \
         -F "cc_fr=@fr.vtt" \
  • Please contact to set up your unique access token.

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